Mar 20, 2012

Roger Creager, Turning it up... Again

Roger Creager
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     Having been a solid fixture in the Texas Music scene since the release of his first album over a decade ago, not even a 4 year gap between albums can slow down Roger Creager. His new album "Surrender" has picked up right where fans remember. It is a collection of songs, that differ greatly from tune to tune, but each one is better than the one before.

     Roger co-wrote 9 of the tunes on the new album. His current single "Turn It Up" is an unapologetic admission that he just has to give in to that reckless feeling every now and then. It also ranks as Roger's 6th straight #1 song on the Texas Music Charts. The song "Crazy Again" is the anthem for all us good ol' boys who may have settled down as we got a little older, but still have a little crazy bubbling just below the surface... just don't push us.. Ha! Round that out with a couple of ballads and a Bob Marley cover and what you have is a terrific album, from the first track to the last.

     His passion and energy transfer into every aspect of his life. Creager has climbed Mt Kilimanjaro in Africa, yeah that's right. No joke, I couldn't make that up. His live shows are intoxicating. Once you have seen a Creager show you are hooked, and can not wait to fill your veins with another fix. I have been lucky enough to see Roger live and  was amazed at the energy level from the first song to the last.

     The release of "Surrender" cements Roger's place as one of the top artists in the scene. And it's good to see that there is still a place for a guy like Roger. A guy who hasn't really changed what he does, he simply does what he loves, and does it well. Welcome back Roger. We surrender.
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