Feb 10, 2012

Retro Red Dirt Review Cross Canadian Ragweed "Live & Loud at The Wormy Dog"

     I think most people tend to think of Cross Canadian Ragweed's (CCR) self titled 3rd album when asked to name one of their songs or albums. For me, nothing tops their live album "Live & Loud at The Wormy Dog" released in 1999. This album shows you everything there is about a CCR live show. Sure the production is a little lacking. But this was recorded live, at The Wormy Dog Saloon, still in its original location in Stillwater, over 10 years ago. The energy from the crowd and passion in Cody's vocals are evident in every song and more than make up for the lack of polish. The connection that every fan feels with the band seems to pour through the speakers and pulls you right in with them. The album contains what is probably some of the most underrated CCR songs they have recorded. The song "Bang My Head" is a song that most everyone can relate to. Banging your head against the wall for one reason or another, feeling hopeless, helpless, and frustrated because you feel like you have no control. The "President Song" is a precursor to (and better done version of) Toby Keith's homage to the working man's "shit sucks and this is how I'd fix it" attitude that hard working, red blooded, country raised, simple folks can understand. The hidden jewel on this album is the live version of "Carney Man" which became a staple of live performances for the band for many years. Joined onstage by fellow Oklahoman Jason Boland this version of the song shows exactly what a CCR show was back in 1999. A party from start to finish,with awesome music, good friends, and never mind that funny smell...

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Hallie said...

I completely agree! I'm not always the biggest fan of live albums, but I think they nailed all of theirs.

I just discovered this blog and I think y'all should check mine out.


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