Feb 23, 2012

John David Kent, a man absolutely worthy of 3 names

     Allow me to lift up the rock that you have obviously been under if you haven't yet heard of John David Kent. With only one serious release under his belt in the Texas Music scene, this guy is already making quite a name (or even 3) for himself. His self titled album, released in May of last year, has already produced a couple of radio friendly hits.

     His songs " My Girl" & "Back to the Country" have both had a tremendous amount of success on the Texas Music charts.  "My Girl" is a devotional to all of those beautiful, slightly tomboy, redneck girls that every redneck boy dreams of. "Back to the Country" is what seems to be a semi self-portrait of a song detailing John's route back home to Texas.  The album is an amazing mix of  rock/bluegrass/country/americana that from song to song would be right at home on Texas radio, mainstream country, and even rock radio stations. Not really surprising seeing how JDK took a rather long unconventional detour to get to the Texas Music scene.

     John was a bit of a rocker in his younger years. As part of the rock band Radish he performed with Ben Kweller and had a moderately successful career. According to his website Kent and Kweller toured together with such acts as My Morning Jacket, and Incubus and toured on Lollapalooza with Korn and Tool. That in itself is a pretty impressive musical resume'. When things wound down with Radish John went home and settled down in Texas.

     After a while back in Texas John noticed that most of the music he was writing was different. He has said a lot of the music was "coming out with a southern flavor" and the progression into a more country sound was fairly natural and easy. The resulting album was something refreshing to John and Texas Music fans alike. 

     John was forced to take a little time off recently with some vocal problems. Constant touring will do that. But through his Facebook and Twitter he has assured his fans that he is recovered and ready to get back on the road. The down time has allowed him some time in the studio though, and he says he has been working on some new material. I for one, cant wait to hear it. Or see him back on the road. I saw him back in December, just weeks before he took his time off. He took time after the show that night to talk with me and my wife and was legitimately thankful that we were fans. He even stopped us on the way out to give us a signed drumstick. Great guy! He has quickly became a favorite of mine, and many other Texas Music fans. Do yourself a favor and make him one of yours.
                                  JOHN DAVID KENT "MY GIRL"

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