Feb 14, 2012

It's Valentine's Day, Show Some Love...

     With today being V-Day and all, I think it only proper to show some love to the artists that will accompany some of us in our Loving Adventures later this evening. Support Texas and Oklahoma artists today and pick up some of the new music that came out today or something that has already been released. 

     Josh Abbott's new single "Touch" is out today and fellows in the hot and heavy footsteps of his singles "Hot Water" and "Taste", it is pure baby making music. Granger smith releases his first live album today, and this thing is amazing. Full of energy and passion from Granger in his crew. The song he calls his only true love song "Oxygen" should be a must have on this evenings passion playlist. 

     Or just pick up anything from any one of the amazing artists that represent Texas and Oklahoma music. Roger Creager, Aaron Watson, Kyle Park, and Brandon Rhyder & so many more all have great great love songs. Your loved one will thank you now, you can thank me later...


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