Jan 23, 2012

Where to Start??? First Blog.

I have been thinking about doing a music blog for a while. I wrote one years ago but life and a career in the military got in the way of doing that on a regular basis and eventually I just stopped all together. But life has slowed down a bit, the family is growing up and doesn’t take up so much time any more. So here I am...

   The one thing that has been a constant for me over the years was music. And the one style of music that was always in the mix was country music. I remember listening to old George Strait albums with my dad when I was a kid back home in Texas. I have fond memories of an old radio playing George Jones, Merle Haggard, and Willie Nelson as my family gathered around a table playing cards or dominoes at my grandparent’s house. Country music has always felt like home. But as times change, so does music.

    Even country music, as simple and down home as it may have once been has been changed by the powers that be and turned into a machine spitting out something that hardly resembles your daddy’s country music. I will admit that for a couple years even I gave up on country music. Then I happened to hear a song one day that really struck a chord with me. Thank you Aaron Watson for bringing me home to the Texas/Oklahoma Red Dirt Music scene with your song "Off the Record".

    That song began a relationship with Texas/Red Dirt music that has grown stronger with every cd, concert, new artist that I have heard, seen, or discovered over the last 6-7 years. Last year I saw about 30 shows. My first date with my wife now was a Reckless Kelly show. I proposed to her at the first JABFEST show. We spent a week at Musicfest in Steamboat Springs CO this year as our Christmas present to each other. I have a dozen videos of our kids singing everything from Aaron Watson to Randy Rogers and JB and the Moonshine Band. Heck, my wife and I, we saw No Justice 5 times one month. I even have part of one of Granger Smith's songs in a tattoo memorial for my mom.

    That’s what this music is to me. It tells my story. I relate. I can put in a cd and connect. Not just with the words but with the people behind the music. Real people. Who play Red Dirt music. With a Blue Collar attitude. They always have time for you. They are grateful that you came to see them. They can for a brief moment become family. It’s almost like coming home.


Anonymous said...

I know how ya feel bud! It's feels like it's genetically engineered into our DNA HAHA!! i can hear certain songs an BAM.. Instant transport back to being a 5 yr old and Cruising down the Road going fishing with my grandpa.. Very Nostalgic and very powerful emotions. Keep up the good work my old long lost friend! God Bless you and yours!

Shy Blakeman said...

Great writing style brother. Keep it up!

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