Jan 31, 2012

There Will Be No Justice...

Calm before the storm Wormy Dog Saloon OKC 

No Justice. Where to begin??? The basics… Well, I’m just gonna do my best here since all the info I found on them is a little outdated. But that is exactly what you would expect from a band that averages over 200 shows a year though. Their start came sometime in 2001 in Stillwater, OK. Stillwater is a place that many people consider to have deep roots in the origins of the Red Dirt music scene. They have released three studio albums, Far From Everything, their self-titled effort, No Justice, and their most recent release 2nd Avenue.  Throw an awesome Live at Billy Bob’s album in the mix and you’ve got all of their current releases. These albums have seen the guys enjoy a fair amount of success on the Texas Music Charts with numerous Top 10 singles and multiple number 1 singles.

That is an amazing amount of success for a band that has seen quite a bit of flux over the years. No Justice has been through multiple line-up changes and record labels and even a slightly different sound on their latest album, but they have never lost their connection with their fans. Their music continues to strike a chord with their most loyal fans while at the same time pulling in a new fan base that is ready for more. Fans both old and new will be happy to learn that the No Justice guys are putting the finishing touches on an album titled "America's Son" due out “in March, April, May, or sometime in 2012, because you know how we are” as front man Steve Rice jokingly told a packed house at the legendary Wormy Dog Saloon in Oklahoma City recently. Their new single "Shot in the Dark" is out now and according to Steve represents a return to their older sound. "This album will have more of a country sound then our last album had" he explained. He also said "Our last album had more of a rock vibe to it, that is why we called it 2nd Avenue, we were kinda going down a new road" during a recent live acoustic set in Grant, OK. Either way, rest assured a new/old album from No Justice will not disappoint. 
Wormy Dog Saloon OKC

Wormy Dog Saloon OKC

Acoustic Set in Steamboat Springs CO
   One thing that is certain about the current line-up of Steve Rice vocals & acoustic guitar, guitarist Jerry Payne, bassist Justin Morris, drummer Armando Lopez, lead guitarist Cody Patton, and newest member Bryce Conway on keyboards. These guys have come together as an unstoppable force when put on stage together. I have personally seen the band 4 times in the last 6 weeks, in 3 different states… But, even so, I have yet to see the same show from them twice. One show even had a smoking organ (told ya I’d get that in there Bryce).  They stay after every show to meet the fans, sign autographs, and even listen to your silly “Steve is my cousin” scenarios… (love ya hun!)

The wife and I With Steve at the Wormy Dog
To sum it up, it’s simple. Ask yourself if you like good music. If the answer is yes, give these guys a listen. Get their old albums, they are all amazing. Pick up their next album "America's Son" whenever it may come out. (I'll let ya know). You will not regret it. Like I said earlier, I have seen 4 shows, in 6 weeks, and in 3 states and they are on my schedule at least twice more in the next month. Yeah I’m a fan(antic) but so what? You should be too!
                                        "Just Get Going" from 2nd Avenue

*thanks to Abby Gibson for the assist with quotes


Justin Morris said...

It's been great getting to know you and Ivy, and I think it's awesome that you're starting a new blog (not just saying that because you're featuring us in this one). :) Great review of what we have going on these days... I'm glad that you're as excited about it as we are. Can't wait to see what you blog about next...

Unknown said...

Thanks Justin, it has been great man. Looking forward to the new stuff. See you guys soon.

Ken Meyers said...

Just went to my first No Justice concert last night in Lindsay and it was awesome. These guys are fantfreakingtastic. Checkem out.

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