Jan 24, 2012

Thanks Aaron, That went better than I had hoped.

   Well, one blog entry down and I have to consider it a pretty good success. Over 200 views the first day is a lot more than I expected. I'm sure that I owe it in no small part to Aaron Watson who somehow found, read, and tweeted about my blog. Not a bad first effort. No pressure... Thanks Aaron.

                                   My wife and I w/  The Honky Tonk Kid  Mr. Aaron Watson

   I was thinking today and kicking around a list of ideas of what to write about. I wasn't planning on writing another entry this soon. I really want to make this thing a success. I wanted to take the time to find the right subject, do my research, and provide an entertaining yet informative blog. But after today I figured I would provide a little more insight into what those of you who have tuned in can expect. Just a little something to fill your bellies until I put out the next full blog.

   In the future I will be running a few different series of topics. I am going to do a "Best of What You've Never heard of" series profiling some bands that I have found that haven't really gotten a ton of exposure. I am going to do a Red Dirt Retro Review every so often and talk about an album or CD that came out at least 5-10 years ago. I will review new music as well and do my best to keep you posted on when that stuff will be coming out. I go to a lot of shows so I will post about the shows, the venues, and bands when I do see a show. Lastly I plan on doing individual entries about a number of Red Dirt artists. There are so many of them that deserve a little more exposure. I am just excited about maybe playing a little part in spreading the word about some of the music that has come to mean so much to me.

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