Jan 26, 2012

Meet Granger Smith

So I kicked around a few ideas of what or who I should write about for my first real blog entry. One person really stood out to me. There is so much talent and passion in this guy it’s tough to figure out where to begin. For starters, he is an amazing artist. His website says he has had 7 top 10 singles in Texas Radio (I think its more since then but who's counting). He is an avid supporter of the military and has played in Iraq and Kuwait for the troops. Shoot, the guy has even played at the White House, more than once. Not to mention, he puts out some of the funniest YouTube videos you may ever see. But many of you may have never heard of the guy. Well allow me to introduce you to Granger Smith.

Granger Smith is a guy that has a story pretty common in the Texas music scene. He had a passion for music from an early age. He taught himself to play guitar and began writing songs in his early teens. At 19 he did a stint in Nashville, got a record deal, and put out a few albums before coming back home to Texas. His music had always included songs about Texas but getting back to his Texas roots gave his music a real Texas feel. A handful of singles that have reached the top 10  in Texas Radio and a knack for connecting with his fans are a statement to that. Whether it be the unique kinda quirky sounds of an Irish jig in one of his latest singles “I’m Wearing Black” to get you tapping your feet, or a heartfelt sentimental ballad like “5 More Minutes”,  a song anyone who has lost a loved one can relate to, his music is sure to have something for everyone. "5 More Minutes" is a song that holds a special place with me personally for sure. Granger allowed my family to use the “5 More Minutes” video at my mothers memorial service after she passed away last year after she lost her battle with breast cancer. I dare you to watch the video for that song and not get teary eyed. He appreciates his fans and wants to give back and wants them to know that.

His fans are not the only people that he gives back to in a big way however. He is also a proud supporter of the men and women in the military. Granger is a major contributor of The Boot Campaign. The Boot Campaign is an organization that sells combat boots with the help of celebrity endorsements to raise funds for a variety of charities that support military personnel and their families.  Last year Granger did something pretty remarkable. They say that you can never know a man until you have walked a mile in his shoes; well Granger took that just a step farther, or miles farther… Over a 5 day stretch last April he walked 100 miles from south Austin to Fort Hood in Killeen. A walk that he did in combat boots and at the end he performed a free concert for the troops. Said Granger, “I wanted to show there are other ways than to write a check.” and added, “I wanted to get out and make a physical sacrifice on my body and to prove a point to raise awareness, raise moral and raise patriotism.” And from what I hear, there is a chance he may be repeating his 100 mile walk again this year. Oh, and by the way, he has also been overseas 3 times to play for troops in Iraq and Kuwait (I think I mentioned that). But he isn't always so serious…

Granger Smith 100 mile Walk "Sleeping on the Interstate"

Granger has been known to have a lighter side to him as well. If you do a YouTube search for him you will turn up everything from music videos, to live performances, and a few videos that reflect some of his "alter egos". Due to what I’m sure comes from a little extra down time, Granger and his crew have shot some hilarious videos. Some of them depicting the lighter side of touring with goofs and gags and even an impersonation of Cris Angel. Some of his videos doing promo for his Poets and Prisoners album portray Granger as alter ego #1 Lionel, a slightly nerdy, very uncomfortable street reporter. And perhaps his most popular, and the one alter ego that has taken on a life all its own, Earl Dibbles Jr. Earl is a country boy and proud of it, and trust me folks we all know an Earl Dibbles Jr (come on click it). I dare you to watch any of his non-music related videos and not laugh so hard you just might pee a little.

The one thing that you can take from all of this is that Granger is a man of passion. Whether it is his music, or his support of the military, or giving his fans a show that rivals anything out there, he always gives you everything he has. I have seen him perform in front of hundreds of fans, and I’ve seen him perform for 50 or so. It didn’t matter to Granger. He gave his all no matter how big the crowd. He stays after every show to meet and talk to every fan that wants to meet him. And knowing Granger, if you meet him more than once, odds are he remembers you. Because that's the kind of guy he is. He truly is an artist; a master of his craft. He loves music and he loves his fans. Thank you Granger for doing what you do and sharing it with us. I consider myself lucky to be a fan. See ya down the road.

* videos are property of Granger Smith

Find Granger Smith here

Official Website: http://www.grangersmith.com/
YouTube http://www.youtube.com/user/GSBAND

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