Nov 24, 2015

So Long for Now...

Things have been quiet around here for RDBC for a little bit, and this post from Galleywinter today sums up most of the reason why. When platforms like these guys say something about it, things are broken. Over the past few years, I devoted most of my free time and even some time I didn't have to give in support of RDBC and other forums that I contributed to. That being said, effective now, RDBC will be on an indefinite hiatus. Maybe someday we will see a return, but until then no matter what else you do, SUPPORT THE MUSIC! 

Sep 11, 2015

JBTRR with Shane Smith

by Dan Murphy aka the Tee Shirt Evangelist

Every artist takes a different path to the stage, some paths are a little different than others. Not many paths started on the tennis courts of St. Edward's University in Austin, Texas as was the path blazed by Shane Smith, front man for Shane Smith and the Saints. The band, composed of Shane Smith lead vocals and rhythm guitar, Chase Satterwhite bass and harmony, Bryan McGrath drums, Tim Allen lead guitar and Bennett Brown Fiddle, are an assembly of musicians that simply reek of talent. 

Prior to the release of their album Geronimo Shane sat down with me after a show at Austin’s historic Hill’s Cafe and spoke about the insane path this band has traveled.

What’s the first song you remember hearing?
I remember as a kid riding with my Dad and listening to a lot of old Motown, probably a song that stands out would be “Unchained Melody”. At the time doing anything with music was the farthest from my mind, it wasn’t until years later that I even pursued music.

What are you listening to lately?
It’s crazy if I’m in the car driving, I won’t even have the radio on. While touring if I’m driving during the middle of the night, it’ll be dead quiet. But when I am playing something it’s been Otis Redding.

What’s your favorite album by another artist?
Ryan Bingham “Mescalito”, I enjoy Hayes Carll, Guy Clark and Ray Wylie Hubbard, and a lot of indie folk.

What songs are you the proudest of?
Right side of the ground” from our newest album Geronimo. It’s one of those songs that goes out to those looking for something, but looking in all the wrong places. That relationship you're in and it’s just not working out, but you still care for that person. There’s a line “I’ve spent time on the wrong side of the church door, I’ve held hands with the devil in more than just one town, I bet by 40 my stories make you question me, I hope by 40 I’m on the right side of the ground” I’ve always said that goes to my brother, he’s a wildcat.

Talk about your upcoming album / What can fans expect?
A sound more accurate to what we’re like live, a lot of energy and harmonies. We’re excited about it.

What has it been like venturing out and growing your fan base?
It’s been so crazy, the last couple of months have been insane. We played a festival in Idaho and it was cool how receptive this crowd was to us, I mean they’re on the opposite side of the country. From now thru October, we’re booked in 11 states. We’re excited for Medicine Stone coming up, always enjoy being around Turnpike Troubadours. In December we’ll be a part of the Red Dirt Pub Crawl in Ireland.

What’s one thing on your country bucket list you’d like to accomplish in future?
From the get go, my goal at the end of the day, was to have music, that all walks of life would enjoy. I love connecting things, blending a sound that everybody can connect with, that would be on my bucket list.

Most memorable gig so far?
Steamboat Music Fest, playing to a packed capacity show. By the 5th song in, looking around and seeing everyone really getting into the show. I love going to Steamboat, the people there love you. They’re all loud and fun.

Make sure to pick up the album Geronimo that should be available today wherever you buy music. And check out last week's post here with a preview of one of the tracks off of the album.