Mar 3, 2015

Kaitlin Butts- Same Hell, Different Devil

What can you say about an artist that comes along and effortlessly forges a path of their own and makes you take notice the second they step on a stage? That is the conundrum facing ever writer who has had to put words together to try and explain to those who haven't yet experienced, the power and talent of Kaitlin Butts.

In a short time Kaitlin has managed to become one of the most promising young Oklahoma songwriters to demand their due attention. The ink was barely dry on the first pressing of the debut album Same Hell, Different Devil before the various press outlets in Oklahoma started singing her praises. With rave reviews from NewsOK and Red Dirt Nation coming the week of the album release the scene newcomer carried that momentum into a string of stellar performances opening shows for Oklahoma's Chad Sullins & the Last Call Coalition and Texas' own Wade Bowen and culminating with an incredible album release at Stillwater OK's famed Eskimo Joes.

Same Hell, Different Devil serves as a showcase to this young ladies incredible songwriting skill and powerful vocal prowess. Exhibiting a maturity in her lyrics well beyond the reach of her 21 years of age, so many of the songs on this album will certainly leave listeners wondering which of the ghosts of songwriters past this girl has tapped in to.  Her vocal skills are, to me at least, reminiscent of earlier Miranda Lambert records. She is able to portray such depth and emotion on the appropriate ballads and sheer power and raw energy on tracks like the album's title track "Same Hell, Different Devil."

Recorded in the Boohatch Basement with Mike McClure, this album also enlisted some of the most talented musicians Oklahoma has to offer. The names appearing in the credits rounding out the studio performances include the likes of Jon Knudson, Jake Simpson, Alan Orebaugh, Giovanni Carnnuccio III, Jake Akins along with Grammy-award winner Lloyd Maines in the mix. There isn't much that could go wrong with that crew and the result was near perfection. This is an album that will make this young lady a significant player within the Oklahoma music scene starting right now.

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Feb 13, 2015

The Damn Quails are Making Another Album!

About damn time right? I feel like RDBC was still in diapers when Down The Hatch came out. We were still cutting our teeth on retro reviews trying to get our feet under us. Actually, the review that I did for that album was one of the first I did as a new blogger. Boy we have all come a long way since then.

We won't get into all of the issues that have delayed the making of a new album. The Quails have taken the high road and maintained a tight lip policy regarding it all and I respect that deeply. Well, legal trouble and what not be damned, it is now time to make another folkin' album.

They recently launched a kickstarter that is cruising right along towards their goal. And recently to help promote that campaign Bryon White released this little video cover of fellow hella-talented Okie songwriter John Moreland's "Nobody Gives A Damn About Songs Anymore." You can chip in to the kickstarter here and the cover video below....